I learned to sail in my friend Dory's red West Wight Potter, "Petit Liege". I loved sailing so much that I went out and bought an old project boat-- a red 1974 Flying Junior. I spent much of my winter and spring evenings fixing it up. When I took it to a club camp out at Eagle Lake, I realized, after just one sail, that a racing sail boat just was not my thing.

In a short while I found an old yellow '75 Potter that really needed some TLC. SOLD! Again I had to spend the winter fixing her up, it was worth it. New shrouds, rigging, motor mount, hatch and some fiberglass work, and she's ready.

I've been out on "Follow Me" several times now, spent a week beached at Woodward Reservoir, and overnighted it on board once in the Delta. That was fun! I am no where near done fixing the boat up, but the "pretty work" can wait until winter, when it starts raining. I still need to polish the gel coat-- it looks like a banana slug right now. Then I can put the name on, apply a liberal coat of non-skid paint in strategic places, and, someday, a new set of sails.

I have since married Dory, and as I was moving in we realized that we now have "His 'N Hers" sail boats. Glad the upkeep's cheap on a trailer sailor!

This page needs updating. Please stay tuned.

His & Hers Potters.

Dory's is the red boat, named "Petit Liege". 



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