Expect some links here, when I come up with some good driving-themed ones.

I need to go on another adventure.

I have started driving around some, but not really anywhere interesting, unless you count the five minute drive up Bailey and Metcalf roads tot eh public range interesting enough. It sure is pretty, especially with all the turkeys strutting about. Yep, turkeys rule the shooting range.


We went on a beach walk in Santa Cruz with the square dance club. We took the Fiat down there, and parked at Natural Bridges park. All of us then walked along the cliff-side trail down to the municipal wharf, and had a fantastic lunch at Stagnaros. Afterwords, the rest of the guys and gals walked back to their cars, while Dory and I hung back to take pictures, watch the sea lions and check out the shops along the wharf. Along the path back, we found one cliff that was nearly straight, and about 80 degrees to the waves. This made the waves bounce and reflect off the cliff and go shooting back towards the oncoming new waves. It was quite a sight! I walked along a bit, and found a point with a good view of the action, where I took a short video.

When we got to the car at Natural Bridges, I walked down to the beach to look around. I found some more cliffs, presumably made of either hard clay or fine, soft sandstone, with red spots in it. The red areas are harder than the brown, and when the ocean beats on it, it leaves raised round polka-dots in the stone. Wonderful!


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