I have definitely begun working off the extra weight. I need to find a cheap substitute for my scale, I need to start watching that. I'll see what I can find at Bed Bath and Beyond later this or early next week. I started my evening walks last week, forty minutes of good, strong walking from home to the gas station and back. I'll measure it tomorrow when I go get gas, if I remember, or use the pedometer. However, the last few days I haven't been able to go for these walks due to the smoke funneling down from the Oregon fires. It's absolutely amazing how thick it was Monday, I could SMELL the burning fir. I don't exercise on those kind of days, so I didn't. Today at work I found myself making frequent trips from our end of the building to the other, about a long city block each way. I was absolutely bushed, and only just beginning. After work, with the blessing of the boss I skipped the second job so that I could unload the truck at the storage place, and pick up a few forgotten items at a friend's house. I had done more than enough today to justify skipping tonight's walk, but I have to keep the habit up. That, and I had some pent up excited energy to furn, I got a "sorry we missed you!" notice in the mail -- my ammo is in, woot! 

Last week, Eddie jokingly accused me of being "anti-social" when I walk. Apparently he and his son passed me twice, and i didn't notice. Oops. I've been thinking about why I've stopped watching cars, and I found a couple answers. Mostly, it's because there really hasn't been anyone to really watch for, no more little red Fiat, no more green pick up (only because only I drive it now). No one lived near me at the old house or the last apartment, so I didn't have any one to watch for to wave at. Maybe I stopped watching so that I didn't have to deal with what was missing. Now that I have friends nearby, I should start keeping my eyes open. I have felt so alone (incorrectly!) lately, that I have kind of stopped caring about what's going on around me. It's time to take a look around, and watch the word go by again. I feel like a turtle that's been through a soccer match.

Not only am I trying to notice things, I picked up a ball of yarn, a pattern and the appropriate needles the other day. (Don't say it, Eddie, if you are reading, I know. That could have been a whole box of ammo. :D ) I like the hat, and I want to learn entrelac. It looks pretty easy. Knitting is for me what it is for millions of others, it's a relaxing use of idle time, such as waiting at the doctor's office. The end results are usually worth the effort.

Speaking of ammo, I'm getting my first mail order box tomorrow. For some reason the post office doesn't want to chuck it over the fence onto the back patio like the rest of my mail. Ha ha ha ha ha! 100 rounds, destined to get used all up this coming Sunday. I bought a new replica oiler and sling for the carbine. A lot of people say that this assembly is a real pain to put on, and that many people have ruined their stocks trying to force the issue. I found out just how easy it is: it took me a whole five minutes to put it on once I had the sling ready to go. It looks good, now that I have the correct sling attached. Let's go shoot!

Last Saturday was the company picnic. they rented all of San Jose Historical Park, and brought in live music, green screen pictures, tons of free food and catered BBQ, games and a magician for the kids, and a two story inflatable water slide for all "kids." I went down, got soaked, and spent the rest of the hot afternoon drip-drying. Ahh, what fun.

Here's a candid taken by a co-worker of Eddie and me sitting back and talking about politics, work, and my work on the carbine.

A nice candid of mine of my supervisor:

Magician and the kids:

The most fun I've had in too long:

I am beginning to laugh more, smile more, and enjoy myself more. Life is, indeed, going on, and it is time for me to step out and start dancing.