2009. Wow, was that really my last post? It's been a very long time, somewhere around four years.

It's been a long, wonderful, stressful, joyful, well, FULL life.  Would I do it all again? Yes. 

In November Dory, my dearest, sweet husband suffered a heart arrhythmia and tangled with a light pole. The pole won, and put a three foot deep dent into the driver's side of the Brava. that plucky little car has served Dory for nearly 30 years, has put up with me learning to drive, and learning to enjoy the roads, but it could not stand up to the pole and caved. Dory managed to hang on until I got to the hospital, and then he left me. It will only be for a while. I fully intend to live out life as planned by the Big Man Upstairs, but when all is done, and my time has come, I will see Dory again. 

Life has been rough. Guys, don't ever get a half and half trust, you'll never know what happens later in life, and if the love of your life passes away, and you find another.... The moment Dory's first wife died, I was screwed, and I haven't even met him yet. Her half of the trust was locked, and the executor set in stone. Without telling too much of a difficult tale to tell, she is not the nice, trustworthy woman I met before, and things got a little tough. I have friends helping me eke as much out of this mess as I can, including lawyer friends. The stress nearly killed me, but there is at least one good thing to being forced to move: I got out from under her thumb. I. Am. Free. No more threats, no more stupid dumb-snot messages, no more "unintentional" commentaries on her opinion of Dory's current residence. Free.

I am currently living with an adoptive Mexican family, renting a tiny little room in a delightful second story apartment. I really do like the view out the window, straight into a plane maple tree. The traffic can use a few speed bumps, though. OK, a lot of speed bumps. My sister just got approved to rent a three bed apartment in south San Jose, and I'll be moving in with her soon, where her, her new husband and I will start saving up for a house. 

I'll be posting updates and flashbacks as I think of them. I definitely need an outlet, so I won't be neglecting the site too much. I've been keeping busy with the radio controlled glider club, South Bay Soaring Society, and with work, and with a new hobby: shooting. A friend from work has been helping me restore an old M1 carbine inherited from Dory, and while we work on cleaning it, he's been teaching me to shoot with his 9 mm pistols.

I never knew how interesting and fun firearms could be. All while growing up, I scorned them. I'm not a bad shot, either. My first time out got me a 4" cluster, with no complete misses. I'm enjoying this, and intend to continue improving. Maybe some day I'll choose my own pistol, with markswomanship in mind. That's the same goal for the M1, markswomanship. But first, let's get it working. I have it all oiled and cleaned, with the exception of the barrel, which Eddie has claimed as his to clean; he wants to see what comes out of it, and whether we should worry about the barrel. I even managed to disassemble the bolt/extractor assembly, find all the pieces that went flying, clean it all, and reassemble the danged thing. Phew. I havbe a couple snap caps, and have run them through during fits of boredom, and that facet of the rifle works. Let's see how the rest works.

I have one car, a pickup, really. It's Dory's old '97 Ford Ranger, and she has been there for me, never a cough or splutter, and all the "ooomph" I need to get me to and from work. A flying buddy works at a Ford service center, and he's been teaching me how to take care of the truck, picking up where Dory left off. Both have done a great job, I can change the tires in my sleep, and am working on the more advanced things, such as identifying the root cause of a rough idle, and clearing out the EGR system to help save the air. I can already notice a difference from these sessions. The next task is to change the spark plug wires, they're sparking, causing mild misfires. Just enough to affect gas mileage and give me something to do. We think, Chad and I, that the wires might be the reason we're getting a lean alarm on one side of the engine, even though it's actually running rich. Hah! Too much to explain, but I "get it." It's a car thing.

As AI said above, I'll be making more frequent updates. All I have now are my truck and my friends and family. They are really such a great support group, and honestly all I need, but I really miss my confidant and companion. He was always there for me, even if we were apart on different errands. I could always text a thought or idea, even just a smiley face. Everyone I know now, all my friends and family just don't share that same connection, and are occupied with their own lives and worries. This fact hit me really hard today, that I have no one to go out and "chill" with, no one to snuggle or share my every thought with. Facebook is one thing, but that's really all it say s it is, just a wall to write things on. A blog is cool, but all this is is a public journal. Many people out there in this wide world have just as much, and many more have even less. so I know that I can survive. It will be a while, but I will eventually loose the lost lovebird feeling.

In the meantime, I have a wall to fill up.