I really shouldn't type this late, not when I'm falling asleep on the keyboard. I just lost a whole post.

I feel kind of like this guy, who just got knocked into last year. It's a web comic that I'm re-starting. I have quit rolling and bouncing downhill, and am starting to get up and dust myself off. I am making a mental list of all the plusses to moving here, to counter balance the really bad parking and commute, and having to change wards at church. Heck, I changed stake, too. I took some time this evening and took a 40 minute semi-power walk. I needed some alone time to think about some things and to re-center myself a little. I asked why I'm even messing with the rifle. I still don't know all of it, but it still leads back to the changes I need to make and the things that I need to learn in order to excel at the sport. Those changes and things are necessary, and I now have motivation to get them done. I found a major problem with the carbine, and I asked me why I don't just give up and walk away, with all the trouble it is giving me. I am having fun, and it is a welcome distraction. Is this my stubborn side talking? Yes. It is also the practical side, agreeing that, for now, it is an OK way to go. I will not walk away. I have spent much time and money getting into it, and my friend that's helping me has spent just as much time and pricey ammunition that I feel it would be terrible to give up now. No, I will stick it out, and see how far I can go. 

I really can't remember the rest of what i had down. I'll put it up when I do.