Darn webhost lost the post last night. Here it is again, different for being typed from memory.

I've been looking off and on for a couple years for some nice, straight, preferably black bamboo stalks to holdup silken thermal indicator flags to use with the RC gliders. So far, no luck. Apparently I thought of that search when I encountered a road crew cutting down a massive stand of mixed varieties in a dream a couple days ago.

I got permission, and went along, carefully selecting the straightest and strongest canes, and carefully cut down the cane. One by one I would go, and one by one, as it came down, the color would fade and it would go thin, limp and soft, useless. I would say "OK, fine," and cut another, only to have the same thing happen. I was being good humored about it, in the dream, and stubbornly cut down nearly the entire stand. I woke up, or at least switched to another dream, after I cut down a matched set of thick, straight, smooth, golden yellow canes, and they turned gray and limp, quite like overcooked asparagus. None were put in the truck, parked nearby. 

I awoke with a feeling like the bamboo was a metaphor for my life, and the many failures in it. I now it's not true, but I still couldn't shake the feeling all that day, and occasionally throughout the week. I would try, and try, and try, and apparently fail nearly every time. Well, this time....  I. Will. Not. Fail. just watch me.

Oh, by the way.... Does anyone have any black bamboo I can wander off with? I still want to make those thermal flags.